My favorite part of the Gem Seekers enrollment period is reading your applications.  I think it’s because when I read your challenges and ambitions, I can feel the memories of those times in my own cells.  It’s frustrating to be in a place where you are completely motivated and also totally unclear about what to do next.  It’s my job as a coach to offer you as much information, perspective, and insight that I can in order to help you find your way.

One of the recent subjects we covered in The Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program was the concept of “attendance.”  We spoke about how we attend to our own needs, our client’s needs, the needs of the work that we teach and finally, the actual aspect of enticing people to be a part of our services and increase the attendance to our sessions and classes.  It turns out that I don’t hold all the answers to all of the questions (Spoiler: No one does!)  So when I saw an opportunity to supplement the work we were doing in Gem Seekers with a stellar professional who could share their specialized work to enhance the Gem Seekers experience, I immediately invited them to the table.

James Crader is not only a friend of mine but also a genius when it comes to breaking down the complex subject of the polyvagal theory into usable information that teachers can use to improve the way they relate to their clients to ultimately entice and teach them from a better more effective place.  I invited James to speak to our group about this subject and I can say without hesitation that this session was a gamechanger for our group.  To give you some insight into the kinds of bonus experiences you can expect as a Gem Seeker, I’ve included a video link to the session.  Be sure to also visit James’ website and sign up for his thought-provoking blog posts – each one provides a meaningful learning opportunity that will instantly transform your thoughts surrounding your teaching.

Click the link below to watch James’ session and receive a behind-the-scenes peek at how some of our conversations manifest into full-blown continuing education opportunities. Don’t forget to apply before 11/15/19.  I can’t wait to read your stories!








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