Recently, I asked a question out into social-media land about whether or not wellness professionals (Pilates Teachers, Yoga Teachers, Wellness Coaches and the like) considered themselves to be entrepreneurs. The response was a mixed bag.  Many professionals who also owned businesses were a “Hell Yes I’m An Entrepreneur!” While others were hesitant to adopt the term based on the fact that they worked within a space that was owned and operated by another person. In this week’s post, I’m teaching you three ways you can be “entrepreneurial” without having to take on the financial burden that comes with owning a business. 


Embrace Your Passion


Some of the main traits of successful entrepreneurs are tenacity, focus, drive, and passion.  I’m willing to bet that most of you just said: “Hey – that’s how I feel about my work!” These are universal principles in any inspired professionals life and can easily be leveraged into seeking out ways of being more effective and productive in your work.  Just because you’re not writing the rent check for your space, doesn’t mean that you are helpless in how you bring the elements of tenacity, focus, drive, and passion to the work you provide. Take a moment to explore how you might clarify these elements of your work in the environment where you do it.  You might find that a conversation with your employer can serve as an opportunity to create space for doing more of what you love. Conversely, you might discover that the situation you are in does not provide the space for you to do your best work. If that’s the case – don’t worry. This is actually GOOD NEWS!  Now you know more about what isn’t working and can make some choices towards opening your mind to new possibilities. Remember, nothing has to change today. However, I’m willing to bet that with the right attention towards curiosity, you’ll find a new opportunity that celebrates who you are as well as the gifts you bring to your work! 


Leverage Your Skills


Oxford University (Yes, that Oxford University) says that the act of being entrepreneurial is the ability to take the skills you have as a professional and *exploit* them to create new opportunities for your work. Now the word “exploit” may be a little controversial within the world of wellness, however, if we replace it with the word “leverage” then isn’t that what we are doing every day with our clients?  We show up with all of the skills we’ve gained throughout the years of education and use them to fit our client’s needs, right? BOOM, you’re entrepreneurial! That being said, it can be fun to get creative and explore some other environments where you might find opportunities for your work to show up and be appreciated. Maybe it’s a new client, a local organization or, dare I say, as a recommitment to your own practice.  The only pressure surrounding this exploration is the one you put on yourself, so be playful with it and see what you can create! 


Self Motivation


Another common trait of entrepreneurs is self-motivation. This seems easy enough to embrace, however, the world around us is always offering seemingly better options – especially when a deadline is near or a task needs to be completed.  The trick is to set yourself up with routines and strategies that support the ways in which YOU receive motivation. This is going to look different for each of us. For some, all it will take is a daily dose of our favorite playlist to get us into “work mode.” For others, it will take a series of fits and starts and may require a little more management to get us into the state of our professional flow.  Take a moment to consider the bridge from you in rest and relaxation mode, to you in the state of professionalism that you wish to embody. What behaviors, actions, thoughts, rituals help you walk the bridge of motivation for yourself. Make a list of the 5 things that you can do in 5 minutes to pump yourself up for the work to be done that day and remember to call on it when you need it.  


No matter if you own your business or just claim ownership over your professional role, you have the opportunity to show up for yourself.  Take some time with the above suggestions and see what comes out of it. I have a feeling that there are more of you with an entrepreneurial spirit than you may have realized.  


Let me know about your discoveries in the comments – I can’t wait to read them!


Much Love,




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