Program Includes:

  • A Weekly, 60 min, Professional Level Advanced Reformer Class
  • Access To The Replay Library Of All Classes In the Series for 9 Weeks
  • A Full Syllabus of Reformer Progressions That Will Help You Execute the Advanced Syllabus With More Ease and Confidence.
  • PDF Lesson Plan Downloads
  • A Movement Session For YOU (that you can also “borrow” for your clients.)
  • Access To Online Community Group For Discussion & Connection
  • JZ Studio Pop Up Library

The Clinic Begins on 6/7/22! Classes meet live on Tuesdays at 10am CT  – Live attendance is not necessary.

Replay will uploaded to private group on the same day that class occurs.

Choose the plan that works best for you!

One-Time Paymant gives access to the program until 8/1/22.

Payment plan gives access to the livestream program and lifetime access to all materials once the program ends.


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One-Time Payment - Access Until 8/1/22
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