Last month, I conducted a training for my Teach From The Heart Members on the Bio Psycho-social model of care in the medical profession and how elements of this model apply to our work teaching movement.  I believe that when I teach other professionals, it is also in service of my own learning process and with this training, that was definitely the case.

There was one resounding theme that spoke to me and that was the intention of creating a therapeutic alliance with our clients.  The word “therapeutic,” in the case of teaching movement, means “healing” and “alliance” means “partnership.” When I heard myself speak these words, I received a call to action to check in with how I was attending to this concept within my own sessions. In this week’s post, I’m sharing three of the questions I asked myself to take inventory of my sessions and get back on track with this theme.


Simply Checking in: 


When was the last time you checked in with your client to learn about their motivations? Perhaps they’ve changed and perhaps they’ve stayed the same.  It’s so simple for us to feel like the burden is all on us to continue to provide meaningful teaching and movement experiences and while there is some truth to that, it’s also ok to gain insight by periodically checking in with your clients.  Conversely, when did you last check-in with your own motivations? How have they changed or stayed the same? How do you honor the shifts in your work as it progresses over time? How do you invite your client into the shifts? Take a moment to answer some of these questions and gain some insight into your own process as well as your clients. 


Energy Management:  


How are you preparing your energy for your session and/or class and also how are you ending and closing the session or class?  Are you making an easy transition? Or does your day feel like a never-ending marathon? What about your client? How are you inviting them to prepare their energy for a session? Or to transition out of the sanctuary of the studio?  For some simple tools that I use to manage my energy with clients watch the video below 


Support Systems: 


Have you ever asked your clients about their support systems?  Who in their life supports them in their movement endeavors? Who inhibits them? Who is their cheerleader? Are they doing this all alone? Asking these questions can help you determine how you will relate to your clients within the sessions and/or make suggestions as to how they might lean on their support systems for help as they are working through a progression of movement.  Incidentally, checking in on your own support systems can be meaningful as well. Who supports you in your work? Who stands in your way? Where do you go for help? Who’s got your back. If you come up with nil, it may be time to sit down and list the ways in which you could benefit from support. My professional services are themed in providing support to wellness pros. Whether it’s private or group coaching or even the TFTH Membership, I’ve got outlets for teacher support at every level.  Contact me at for more info. 





I look forward to hearing about your discoveries in the comments.


Much Love,




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