Teaching Pilates and Resentment



Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die…

When I read that statement, I get acid in my stomach and it’s not because I drank too much coffee today.  It’s because I remember what it’s like to feel resentful as a teacher.  Ugh – I want to spit just writing that.

Resentment is a tricky one.  For me, it snuck its way into my world at a time of extreme mental exhaustion.  My business was bustling but required every bit of my being to run consistently.  My career as a presenter was taking off, but every time I would leave my studio, I felt like the workload had doubled upon my return. The fitness/wellness market was changing and I was scrambling to keep up.  Any of this sound familiar?

It’s an uncommon topic to speak about in our industry out loud, however, I know that the rate of movement teacher burnout is HIGH and that there is definitely room for us to learn how to better support our professional roles.  I’ve built my business coaching movement professionals to get serious about the support they offer themselves so that the impact of their work can be felt beyond the hours they teach.

For me, the climb back from a resentful place was a steep one, but SO worth it.  The process of acknowledging the imbalance of my work and life, creating the space to support myself, selling my studio and rebranding/building the business I was actually made for provided wisdom that I wouldn’t have gained without going on this journey.  Sometimes I still cringe when I think of the ways that I chose to manage my life and the resentment that it brought into my teaching, however, I know that today I have 100% joy for my work, have learned to recognize the early signs of overwhelm and know what to do to help myself when needed.

Over the next few weeks, you’re going to notice a lot of content coming from me surrounding the support element of our professional lives as movement teachers.  It’s a void in our industry that I’ve chosen to help fill.  I’ve seen lives change when teachers take their own mental, physical, and financial needs more seriously  – in addition to teaching movement well.  I know how important this element is for my own success and am excited to see how some of the content I share begins to shift yours.

Look out tomorrow for the first of a number of offerings from me.  It’s a free video training called:

Survival Skills For The Pilates Teacher.

This short installment reviews some of the most important themes of my climb away from burnout.  Some of them might be familiar, but number 5 is a game changer!!!  Be sure to check your email to get the training.

I’ll be back next week with more assignments for you and in the meantime, think of one thing you can do today to infuse yourself with the energy you need to teach this week.

If you’re itching for a nourishing movement shift, check out my lastest CLASS  on Pilates Anytime called “Dealing With The Overwhelm.” If you are not a member, use the code ZAFFINO for a free 30-day trial of the site.

In the meantime, know that you have a cheerleader over here who is excited to hear about how you supported yourself this week!


Much Love,

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This is so insightful! This is an area of our profession that is not addressed and we are just supposed to show up every day and smile! I look forward to learning more strategies to avoid burnout and increase balance in my professional life. Thank you Jenna !

Thank you for saying this! It absolutely needs to be realistically addressed and i’m going to continue to do my best to take care of my little corner of the world!

The Pilates Anytime class on Overwhelm was much needed last week- thank you! Great post, looking forward to learning more about supporting myself when my instinct is to support all but me. Excellent work, thank you Jenna.

Thank you so much for watching and reading. I’m happy that you are here!

Love this Jenna! I know firsthand how genuine you are about this topic, with your guidance that you have given me! Thank you for sharing this information. It should be taught during our training programs too

Thank you, Renae! I feel like this is a huge movement towards a new stage for us all!

So looking forward to this series Jenna. 18 years in and I have an acidic stomach AGAIN.

Oh girl…. we all go through this. Thank you for speaking it out loud and I hope that the membership helps you!

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